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Mailing Address: PO Box 861, Swan Hill,
Victoria, 3585

Office Address: 88 Thurla St, Swan Hill, Victoria, 3585

Tel: +61 (0417) 357-967

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DBC is here to help clarify the direction, identify the hazards and work
with you to implement a plan to achieve the desired outcomes.


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Health and Safety

We can assist your business by carrying out Health and Safety Audits and Risk Assessments and develop action plans to eliminate or control any gaps. We have expertise in the handling, storage and Distribution of Dangerous Goods and Hazardous products. Understanding the time constraints on business we develop documentation and processes

to ensure compliance and work with you to implement these in a manner that doesn’t overly disrupt the day to day operations or put unnecessary burdens on the finances of the business.

Legislation and Compliance

In a world of changing demands where government regulations are increasing and compliance is compulsory business owners are faced with additional challenges in addition to those of running the day to day business. Many of these additional challenges carry fines for things such as not ensuring a safe place of work, reduction of safety risks, workplace accidents, breaches of legislation. Failure to adequately address these can lead to litigation penalties or fines.

Stock Control

We can assist your business by carrying out an assessment of your stock control methods and identify any gaps. We can work with you to analyse the stock usage based on your past performance and recommend maximum stock levels and reorder levels. By developing procedures for all aspect of stock we can train staff in what is expected of them in regards to stock handling and control and suggest layouts that make it easier to count and find stock

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