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The decision to start Dynamic Business Consultancy came into fruition due to a desire to offer smaller to medium sized businesses the opportunity to access similar structures and controls that are in major companies that I have worked with.

Having experience in changing consumer trends, and the pressures and time constraints that come with meeting the demands of today's business world, I wanted to offer a means for all businesses to handle these demands.

While relieving some of the stress, we can help ensure these businesses don't inadvertently breach legislation and ensure that they have adequate up to date plans, documentation and processes in place to better control their operations.

We can assist in the management of the businesses by identifying gaps and shortcomings that can ultimately cost the business money. Working with your business we can develop processes and documentation to improve these weaknesses. With access to a number of professionals with a wide range of experience we are well placed to assist Australian and New Zealand businesses.  We have specialist are experienced in the storage and handling of Dangerous Goods , Accounting and Taxation, Business planning, Financial budgeting, Health and Safety Auditing, Risk Assessments, Incident Management, Marketing, Quality, Stock control and Emergency Response.

Ron Brennan
Founder and Principal

Ron Brennan is a business professional who has worked for and with a number of multinational companies, joint venture companies and Government Corporations in management roles. Ron is experienced in the development of plans for all parts of businesses, documentation, staff training, stock control and risk assessments, and specialises in the handling of Dangerous Goods.

As the principal of the business, Ron has an inclusive and consultative management style, and a pragmatic approach to the transferring of knowledge and experience, and is commited to making a positive difference to the operations of your business.

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