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Health and Safety

Today more than ever, effective Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) is essential to the long-term success of

any business. With the right plans, policies and systems in place you can safeguard your employees, protect your

environment and minimise your exposure to financial, business and legal liabilities.

The ongoing requirements and obligations businesses have adequate approach to Health and Safety is one increasing

pressures that businesses face. It is a rising cost to all businesses and failure to adequately meet these rising demands

can be catastrophic any for business. Regulatory compliance places a burden and stress on all business owners,

managers, supervisors and employees and it is extremely important to be able to demonstrate that you have well

documented plans, policies, procedures and processes and well trained staff in these to assist in your defence of any

incident that may occur.

DBC can assist your business by carrying out Health and Safety Audits and Risk Assessments and develop action plans

to eliminate or control any gaps. We have expertise in the handling, storage and Distribution of Dangerous Goods

and Hazardous products. Understanding the time constraints on business we develop documentation and processes

to ensure compliance and work with you to implement these in a manner that doesn’t overly disrupt the day to day

operations or put unnecessary burdens on the finances of the business.

Services we offer: 

• Auditing

• Risk Assessments

• Follow up Reviews of Audit and Risk Action Plans

• Business Documentation Gap Analyse

• Document Review Reminder Service

DBC can Develop and review documentation

for your business:

• Health & Safety Plans

• Policies

• Procedures

• Registers

• Standards

• Forms

• Checklists

As we understand that the it’s easy to overlook document review times we offer a reminder service that notifies

you when documents we have developed for your business are due for review to ensure ongoing compliance to

Legislation and Regulations.

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