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Staff Conference

If the business is about to embark on a new direction, change the structure, change the culture or simply improve the overall operation and profit of the business, it will need the employees on board to be committed to the changes required for the project to be successful. By having a staff conference, it shows employees that you are absolutely serious about the changes that are going to occur. 

Empowering Employees:
The best way to empower employees to help achieve the goals set is to: 

• Have them see something completely difference about the approach in the way the business has been operating and communicating in the past.

• Clearly communicate the plans and goals to them.

• Show them the plan of how you perceive the changes can be implemented

• Involve them in feedback to improve the chances the plans will achieve the desired results.

• Clearly communicate how the changes will affect them.

Most businesses who don’t involve their employees in changes to organisations either fail or fail to achieve fully the desired results. 

It is a known fact people do not like changes in their lives regardless of whether it is their home life or work life.

The fear of the unknown is daunting for most people and they can only see the negatives in any changes and look at what is being lost not what is being gained.

Employees in particular are afraid of change as it creates in their minds: 

• Doubt as to whether they will have a job.

• How it will affect their work conditions.

• How it will affect their remuneration.

• That they might not be able to work in the new way.

• Won’t be able to learn the new ways.

There is no better way to tackle these issues than at a conference.

The staff conference should be used to communicate everything about the changes
and the opportunities these changes present and should take the opportunity to add
some training aspects to the conference.  Talk to Dynamic Business Consultancy today to find out more.

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