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Documentation and Business Plans

Times have changed. Years ago, all businesses needed was a simple goal and plan to earn predictable earnings and growth, as many markets were undeveloped and consumers were finding they had the spare money to purchased goods and services. However, times have changed and business owners are finding themselves stressed out and time poor - stretched to the limit in trying to ensure their businesses are profitable with acceptable growth.

Adding to this stress is the ever increasing legislative requirements that have to be complied with. Health, Safety, Environment and consumers protection via the ACCC are adding complexity to what was once a straight forward business of just supplying goods and services.

No longer is it enough to just decide to start up or make changes to existing businesses the owners and managers of business must have well prepared documented plans and goals for all areas of their businesses including compliance to legislation.

This is where DBC can assist you and your businesses in helping free up time and stress by helping to develop, implement, review and update the business plans. We work with you to develop workable plans that suit your business.

The types of plans we develop are:

• Business operational plans
• Health & safety plans
• Pricing plan
• Marketing plan
• Environmental & waste disposal plans
• Stock plans
• Employment plans
• Training plans
• Financial plans
• Expense budgets
• Cash Flow budgets
• Capital budgets
• Risk reduction plans
• Business recovery plans
• Business expansion plans
• Business reduction plans
• Management of change plans
• Other documentation we develop
• Vision statements
• Mission statements
• Policies
• Procedures
• Operation manuals

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