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Stock Control

Are you controlling your stock or is it controlling you? With all the pressure of business, stock control sometimes is the forgotten element that is not given the attention required. Poor stock control can have a disastrous effect on the cash flow of your business.
Many businesses without good stock control systems find themselves overstocked with slow moving and /or outdated stock, are overstocked with even the faster moving products, are unable to locate stock quickly when required, have no controls on whether they have received all the stock that they have been charged for or are receiving damaged products.

DBC can assist your business by carrying out an assessment of your stock control methods and identify any gaps. We can work with you to analyse the stock usage based on your past performance and recommend maximum stock levels and reorder levels. By developing procedures for all aspect of stock we can train staff in what is expected of them in regards to stock handling and control and suggest layouts that make it easier to count and find stock.

The type of procedures developed will be procedures for: 

• Stock ordering
• Stock receipt
• Stock storage
• Stock takes
• Damaged or faulty stock returns

The aim is to improve the stock system and lower the amount of inventory being carried
without experiencing running out of stock. Recommendations will also be put forward to old and slow moving stock.

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