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Legislation and Compliance

In a world of changing demands where government regulations are increasing and compliance is compulsory, business owners are faced with challenges in addition to those of running the day to day business. Many of these additional challenges carry fines for things such as not ensuring a safe place of work, reduction of safety risks, workplace accidents and breaches of legislation. Failure to adequately address these can lead to litigation penalties or fines.

Taking steps to ensure these issues have been addressed is now more important than it ever has been before.

Business owners, managers and supervisors need to be doing all they can to prevent accidents and breaches and need to be able to demonstrate due diligence as a defence in the event of an incident or accident occurring.

Does your business have: 

• Adequate employee induction plan?

• A Health Safety and Environmental Plan?

• A set of Policies, Safe Operating Procedures and Guidelines?

• A Risk Reduction Plan which is being used?

• Do these adequately cover all aspects of your business and are they reviewed and updated as per legislative requirements?

• Are all staff adequately trained in these and is there evidence they are?

• Is refresher training carried out with employees? 

Some businesses go to the expense and trouble to develop plans but just put them on the shelf as proof they have a plan. However this is no longer good enough. The plan must be activated and reviewed regularly to ensure it is working and risks are being eliminated.

With all the other challenges business owners and managers face in running a business, there never seems to be enough time to ensure everything is being done and that is where DBC can come and assist you in your business. 

DBC will conduct a review of your operation and identify areas that need addressing and then we will work with you to develop a workable plan that suits your business. We’ll then assist in implementing the plan, training the employees in the plan and conducting reviews of progress to the plan, recommending small changes if required as the plan is implemented.

If you are time poor and concerned about whether you are exposed to breaches of work safety and other legislation, give a us a call for a consultation about the DBC approach and the outcomes we strive to achieve. Identify for yourself whether our services can assist your business and minimise exposure for yourself and your business.

The areas we can assist your business in the area of compliance are:

• OHS Auditing.

• Risk Assessments.

• Permit Control.

• Developing.

• Occupation Health and Safety Plans.

• Environmental Plans.

• Risk Reduction Plans.

• Company Policy.

• Safe Operating Procedures.

• Employee Inductions.

• Training in all the above.

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